Category: Web Performance

Enhance customer engagements with beautiful digital experiences that are also fast. Your customers demand fast and engaging digital experiences. Image & Video Manager intelligently optimizes both images and videos with the combination of quality, format, and size that is best suited for every device and browser. Remove the costs and headaches associated with creating, storing, […]

What is Edge DNS? The importance of DNS reliability and availability cannot be overstated. When your DNS is attacked or goes out of service, your website and applications become unreachable, and that’s bad for your business. This is why relying solely on your own DNS servers, or on a single provider, makes your DNS — […]

Network optimizations to deliver rich, dynamically generated content Your users are unique and they expect experiences that are fast and personal. In fact, 53% of people abandon a site that takes over 3 seconds to load. You on the other hand, need to provide rich, interactive and dynamic applications to meet those increasing user expectations. […]

Intelligent automation and controls to maximize user experiences on web, iOS, and Android apps Machine learning adapts to your apps and your users to deliver the best digital experience automatically. Your users demand visually engaging, personalized experiences that are fast on every device, all the time. To deliver on customer expectations, digital businesses craft increasingly […]