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DDoS Defense in a Hybrid Cloud World A DDoS mitigation partner should be an enabler of cloud strategy, not a hindrance, to help relieve the security pressure. Akamai acts as your first line of defense, providing DDoS protection with dedicated edge, distributed DNS, and cloud mitigation strategies.

Scaling for Peak in Times of Unpredictability The moratorium. For decades, it’s been the preferred approach to scaling for peak traffic. But for all those years, most traffic surges were predictable. Now, they’re not. And in times of unpredictability, many industry leaders are asking the same question, “Is it time to let the moratorium die?”

State of Segmentation In this report we analyze data from 1,000 IT security decision-makers to reveal 4 key findings about the current state of segmentation.

5-Step Ransomware Defense Ebook Malware isn’t going away. Now, more than ever, you need advance planning and risk mitigation strategies that go beyond a perimeter-only approach.