Web Application Protector

Web Application Protector

Simple, powerful web application security

With limited security expertise, protecting your web applications is a daunting task. Web Application Protector provides automated web application firewall (WAF) and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection that’s designed to offload the complexity associated with a traditional WAF. Easy to deploy and manage, Web Application Protector is backed by the scale and reliability of the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform ― so you worry less about threats and focus more on growing your business.


Keep protection current

Web Application Protector leverages insights gained from hundreds of Akamai security experts and the latest machine learning algorithms — analyzing several petabytes of threat data — to keep protections current. Akamai’s Adaptive Security Engine is designed to scale easily, even as threats evolve and become more sophisticated.

Detect threats out of the box

Akamai interacts with 1.3 billion devices and harvests 130 TB of threat data every single day, discovers new threat vectors as they evolve, and continuously updates WAF rules. Akamai WAF detection logic is so advanced that it often catches zero-day attacks.

Deploy and manage easily

A sophisticated security tool doesn’t need to be complex. Web Application Protector features simplified onboarding that makes it easy to set up and activate app and API protections. Automated updates and self-tuning further reduce complexity, offering far more accurate and up-to-date detections than WAFs based on traditional rule sets.

Protect your growing attack surface

Today’s more digitally connected environments process more API traffic than ever before. Web Application Protector extends the same high level of protection to your APIs, automatically inspecting all JSON and XML content for risks.

Control bot traffic

Don’t let the wrong kind of traffic slow down or interrupt your online business. Web Application Protector stops noisy bots, preventing large volumes of automatic traffic from overwhelming your applications or infrastructure.

Secure applications across environments

Protect your applications wherever they reside ― on premises, in the cloud, or across multiple cloud providers ― with a single security solution. Respond quickly to business needs by simplifying security management.

Zero-second DDoS Mitigation SLA

Web Application Protector automatically drops network-layer DDoS attacks at the edge – and is backed by an industry-leading time-to-mitigate SLA.

How It Works

Online traffic connects to your web applications through the closest Akamai edge server with Web Application Protector. The server inspects web traffic to detect and block DDoS and web application attacks, while delivering web content to legitimate users. Backed by the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform of with over 4,000 points of presence in more than 130 countries around the world, Web Application Protector is designed to scale to stop the largest attacks at the edge ― before they reach your applications.

Web Application Protector DDoS and application-layer security simplify the task of securing your applications with automated updates to security protections.

With visibility into attacks against thousands of Akamai customers, advanced machine learning algorithms continuously refine security policies — and transparently update your configuration without requiring human intervention.

Highlighted Features

Quick deployment

Web Application Protector allows you to deploy your security configurations in just a few clicks to protect your applications faster.

Precise detection

By evaluating changing attack patterns on the Akamai platform and updating detection logic, Web Application Protector provides precise threat identification without requiring you to manage security policies.

Automatic API discovery and inspection

Web Application Protector automatically discovers and inspects previously unidentified and known APIs, revealing changes, errors, or other signs of potential threats found in JSON and XML requests.

DDoS protection

Defending your applications from DDoS attacks, Web Application Protector is designed to automatically drop network-layer attacks at the edge and respond to application-layer attacks within seconds to minimize any downtime.

Automated updates

Leveraging visibility into the latest attacks on the largest online organizations, Akamai continuously and transparently updates Web Application Protector security protections to save you time and effort.

Flexible management

Manage Web Application Protector in a way that best conforms to your operational practices, whether through its simple and intuitive GUI, or with Akamai’s Terraform provider, APIs, or the Akamai CLI.

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