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Chống gian lận giữa chúng ta! Trình bày bởi Ngài Ashvini Singhal – Giám đốc cao cấp – APJ Đăng ký Ở đây. Thời gian: Thứ Năm, ngày 29/06/2022 lúc 1:00PM – giờ Việt Nam Nội dung: Bảo vệ doanh nghiệp của bạn trước những tội phạm không gian mạng ngày càng nhanh và thông […]

Gian lận Online Phát hiện và ngăn chặn triệt để! Thứ Hai, 13/06/2022 Khách sạn Metropole Hà Nội Đăng ký Nội dung chính Các hoạt động lừa đảo ở châu Á và trên toàn thế giới đang gia tăng nhanh chóng trong thời đại mới. Đặc biệt với những kẻ lừa đảo tiền và tài […]

Page Integrity Manager: Product Brief Strengthening web page integrity by detecting and mitigating suspicious script behaviors

Prolexic: Product Brief Discover how Prolexic provides comprehensive protection against the broadest range of DDoS attack types.

Kona Web Application Firewall Application- layer defense to protect against attacks like SQL injections and cross-site scripts

Public Sector Enable mission continuity, maximize protection, and defend against threats. Contact us Safeguard constituent access. Get better data. Provide mission continuity and secure access Deliver a secure, improved experience while reducing costs and complexity. Keep sensitive information protected, at scale Mitigate threats with adaptive, intelligent security that adheres to TIC 3.0 guidance. Improve data […]

Broadcast OTT and Direct-to-Consumer Media Deliver high-quality video experiences to any size audience, anywhere. Contact us Stream at scale anywhere, protect everywhere Deliver superior quality video, globally Keep flawless video experiences closer to users, on any device. Protect your enterprise, content, and viewers Protect assets at every stage with a Zero Trust approach to IP […]

Hospitality and Travel Enhance customer digital experiences while protecting loyalty programs. Contact us Grow customer loyalty without compromising security Protect personal data and reward points Defend against loyalty fraud, seat scalping, phishing, credential abuse, and more. Boost omnichannel strategy Create fast, consistent, and seamless online booking experiences across devices Build loyalty through personalized experiences Engage […]

Healthcare and Life Sciences Secure continuity of care, enhance compliance, and protect patient data. Contact us Keep portals, proprietary data, and patients safe Provide continuity and secure access, anywhere Reduce risk and complexity while delivering a trusted and consistent experience. Protect your network and guard against malware Keep patient and PI data safe, away from […]

Gaming Deliver world-class gaming experiences on the world’s largest edge platform. Contact us Protect the player experience at every turn Develop fast experiences beyond core gameplay Build better player experiences by accelerating and protecting key microservices. Protect platforms, games, and players 24/7/365 Mitigate attacks with the world’s highest-capacity DDoS protection. Test, deliver, and launch at […]

Publishing Deploy new digital experiences, manage performance, and secure content. Contact us Delight readers with exceptional digital experiences Build responsive, personalized experiences Deploy code at the Akamai edge to put business logic milliseconds away from readers. Get closer to subscribers Streamline decision-making and support strategic investment with real-time insights. Secure websites, apps, and operations at […]

Ecommerce Deliver safe, engaging shopping experiences that drive growth and retention. Contact us Delight buyers, streamline operations, eliminate fraud Implement your omnichannel strategy with ease Attract customers with seamless online shopping experiences across devices, anywhere. Build loyalty with personalized dynamic content Leverage more capacity, security, speed, and computing power than ever before. Protect customers and […]